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“There wasn’t a single cell in our bodies that was the same as the day we were born, and yet we were still held responsible for everything all of our former selves had ever done.”

kylie . twenty four . a thousand dreams

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“The past was what we carried with us, threaded to the future, and we decided whether to keep it close or let it go. Fate was both what we were given and what we made for ourselves.”

Eddie Cohan , The Museum of Extraordinary Things

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Gone Girl (2014)
First Footage

w h y   d i d   h a n n i b a l   n o t   j u s t   k i l l  y o u ?

                       because he wants to be my  f r i e n d

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Coachella 2014

Photo Credit: Robin Harper

Very protective of her. But, this year there have been times when I have wanted to hug her and there have been also been times when I have wanted to smack her bum and give her a time out because she pushes her luck this year, on more than one occasion! I remember someone said to me in an interview, ‘is it important to you that everyone likes Rae all the time’, and I thought, nah, not at all. Because if everybody liked her all the time then I’ve failed at my job. My job is to make it real, and I hope this year that people will see that because it took me some courage to go with it. (on being protective of Rae)

Chloe in 2x06, Not I


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what about midnight
what about you disappears
what about your stories
what about your fairy tales
what about the secrets
you don’t need to keep inside
what about the reasons
what about the reasons why
why you always hide

mary go round , serena ryder

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